Sunday, March 28, 2010

brightness switch

Here is a small project from my pre-µC era.
Back in those old glorious days i throw a bunch of parts together to be able to switch devices on or off depending on the brightness in a room.

Have phun...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thermometer - again

That's the proof, that the thermometer is able to display negative temperatures. ; )

Freeware tool: removing Canon DPP receipts from CR2 files

Because i am not an electronic geek only, but an photography geek as well, i spend much time with those hobby.

Today i finished a small hack for the photo geeks out there.
I am using a Canon DSLR and Canons DPP (digital photo professional) software for RAW processing and i was annoyed of the fact, that this program stores the RAW parameter in the original CR2 files.

Sure it is possible to remove those - so called - "receipts" from the RAWs, but this function is hard to find.
That's why i created a little java program, that can remove the receipts.
Just drag&drop the files you want to convert, into the program and hit the "remove receipt" button.
In the options dialog you can adjust the backup strategy and turn on the "AI stripping".

When "AI stripping" is on, the RAW configuration that is stored in the CR2 file will be searched directly, instead of searching for the adress of this section in the header.
This option could help, if you use an untested camera model.

The software was successfully tested with RAWs of Canons 350D and 20D and DPP 3.8.0 (german version) on windows xp.
The program should run on all operating systems with at least JRE version 5.

Use the software at your own risc risk. You are allowed to use it free of charge.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Since a few days or better weeks i have not much time and passion to post new stuff.
There are tons of hand drawn drawings on my table, a lot of unpretty but interesting source code somewhere on my HD and a lot of new ideas in my head... but the next project will be the fix of the power supply.
Either it will work, or i will trash it...
After that i will tidy up my workbench and after that... we will see.

Yesterday i had the idea to build an SPI sniffer to sniff the Canon EF protocol.
There seem to be no free info about it on the net...
A basic software for the µC part is almost finished.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Currently (better: since a few weeks, because i have no time and passion) i'm repairing a 24V DC power supply.
It can deliver around 24 amps - so... it could be usefull.

One error was found quickly: the pcb was burned and a diode was defect.
The defect pcb was even giving smoke signals after powering up the device.
And somewhere on the case was a bit of... voltage. I got almost electrocuted, after i touched the metal chassis.
Unfortunatly the diode was not a common type, but i got two pieces for a lot of money at a electronics dealer in the next bigger city.
But the power supply didn't worked anyway.
After turning the power supply on, the fuse in the fuse block was shutting down the power for my room... yeah. An electrical bolt flashing over the diode might have been the reason...

After disassembling the power supply even further i've found another error: an 300 watt MOSFET was dead. A wonderfull 0 ohm bridge.
The damn think cost ~10 €.
At least it is not as rare as the diode.
Hopefully i can reassemble the device again after fixing it. : (