Monday, March 1, 2010


Currently (better: since a few weeks, because i have no time and passion) i'm repairing a 24V DC power supply.
It can deliver around 24 amps - so... it could be usefull.

One error was found quickly: the pcb was burned and a diode was defect.
The defect pcb was even giving smoke signals after powering up the device.
And somewhere on the case was a bit of... voltage. I got almost electrocuted, after i touched the metal chassis.
Unfortunatly the diode was not a common type, but i got two pieces for a lot of money at a electronics dealer in the next bigger city.
But the power supply didn't worked anyway.
After turning the power supply on, the fuse in the fuse block was shutting down the power for my room... yeah. An electrical bolt flashing over the diode might have been the reason...

After disassembling the power supply even further i've found another error: an 300 watt MOSFET was dead. A wonderfull 0 ohm bridge.
The damn think cost ~10 €.
At least it is not as rare as the diode.
Hopefully i can reassemble the device again after fixing it. : (

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