Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest work...

... currently i am working on a capacitive pipe brake or water detector.
 We had too many pipe breaks in the cellar.

Ok - in fact it is almost finished, i only lost a bit of my passion.

The circuit needs very few power (7µA @5V) and has a low part count. It could run several years with two AA batteries.
After endless frustrating hours coding an debugging with WinAVR and AVR Studio in the past, i gave mikroPascal a try in this project. And so far it works great.

Gameport to PS/2 converter - the build

Some weeks ago i soldered my gameport 2 PS/2 converter on a breadboard.
Oh yeah - i am beginning to hate breadboards...
It took more time than thought, but i finished it and the circuit worked. At least with my trusty old 80286 computer. With my new one it did not - the circuit was blocking my keyboard as soon as i pressed a button on the gamepad. So it is only a 50% success.
Works on my old computer, but not on my new one.
With an logic analyzer it would be a piece of cake to make it work...

I modified the plan a bit. You should keep in mind that the connection to the connector pins on the male and the female ps/2 connector must to be mirrored.

For the female ps/2 connector i cannibalised an old industry pc motherboard.
For the male part i stripped away the cable from an old keyboard. It is good to have a lot of trash at home. ; )
The gameport connector was bought.