Monday, April 5, 2010

Some new stuff

Today i have a bunch of new stuff. First of all: i made a six channel logic analyzer. The hardware was designed in about five minutes. The software in perhaps six minutes...

Here is the code:
#include <avr/io.h>
#include "uart.h"

#ifndef F_CPU
#define F_CPU 11059200

#define UART_BAUD_RATE     115200

int main(void)
    uart_puts("Starting low cost logic analyzer.\n");
    while (1)
        uart_putc( PINB + '0' );
        uart_putc( '\r' );
You need the UART library from Peter Fleury (
Unfortunatly i have no software for the data analysis. I saved the data with HTERM as text file so far.

Next project was the modification of my good old LEGO Technic truck.
He needs a huge amount of AA batteries - more than i had. But i wanted to make it work

And it worked. With my old self made power supply it was a joy to play with the truck. ; )

And finally if finished the case for my thermometer. I found some transparent plasic in the cellar. Now only a calibration function for the clock is left.

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