Thursday, February 25, 2010

Additional adaptors for the ISP

Because i'm lazy dog, i made some adapters for my self made ISP to save the in-circuit programming connector. This would save some wires, parts, space on the board and a lot of time.
Now - with those adapters - i only need to connect the right adapter to the ISP and mount the adapter onto the µC.
Programming the µC is done as usually.

The only drawback is, when the adapter is mounted on top of an µC, it is not very stable. So better don't touch the whole thing while flashing the controller.

I made one adapter for the Atmega8 (in the background) and one for the Attiny84 (in the foreground).

The big one for the Atmega8 looks a bit strange, because i had to add another DIL socket to the existing one who had to unflexible pins.
My collection of DIL sockets is very limited.
It is better to use the cheap low quality DIL sockets, because their pins can bend well.
The more expensive ones have rigid pins, so they can not be bend over the µC pins.

Since i made the adapters, i have never soldered an ISP connector into an circuit again.
And because i don't want to take the credits for this invention: i have seen such an adapter in the internet, before i made mine. Thanks to you stranger for this fabulous handiwork! ^.^

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