Monday, February 22, 2010

Clock-Thermometer with Attiny and LM35

Today i want to present you my last project i've made.
It's a more modern version of my first big µC project: a thermometer. (yeah!)
I finished it last sunday - at least the most parts of the project.

My first version i made months ago, was equiped with an Atmega8, four multiplexed 7 segment displays, "software" based USB and a batterie backup if no USB connection was in the near.
So far so good.

The negative points were:
It consumed a lot of power, it used tons of parts, it had some bugs i never killed and it only displayed the actual temperature.
I paused the project for a while.

By the time my µC skills increased and so on one day i decided to make a better version.
The requirements:
  • no batterie
  • no usb
  • no 7 segment display
  • should display something more than just temperature...
  • lesser parts
  • KISS!

That was the hour of birth for the thermometer version 4a:

The whole circuit is build around an Attiny84V and an LM35C.
The output is done on an LC Display from Displaytech.
1x16 Chars - or more precise: 2x8 Chars in one line.
Sadly without backlight.

After making some plans for the hard- and software parts i build up the circuit on an pinboard and then i made the software.
(Usually i never make plans for the software part.)
Last step was soldering the stuff onto a bredboard as you can see in the pictures below.
Because i made a lot of plans and "brain work" in the forefront, it was a very easy and straight forward implementation. No bigger problem appeared till now.

The circuit is using a wall power supply.
It is specified with 6 V DC, 300 mA and it is from an old wirless mouse charging station.
In idle time it delivers around 9 V and because the whole circuit consumes under 15 mA it will work in idle even when the circuit is connected. ^.^

As special feature i implemented a clock (wohoo!).
With three switches on the back you can set the hour, minute and the display mode.
Display mode means the appearance of the time and temperature on the LCD:
  • Mode 1: HH:MM:SS +/-TT,T°C
  • Mode 2: HH:MM +/-TT,T°C
  • Mode 3: HH:MM +/-TT°C
The thermometer should be able to display positive and negative temperatures in the range of -40 to +70°C.
But because it is getting warmer here outside i need some fridge to test the posibility of displaying negative values.
The build in clock is synced by an 16 MHz Quartz (CHKDIV8 is on - resulting in a clock speed of 2 MHz!).
The clock is not calibrated yet - but on the pinboard it was exact enough. Further testing with the breadboard circuit is needed.

The hardware version i soldered is a bit older than the plan.
As well as the software version.

The software is written in C with AVRStudio and WinAVR.
The main program consists of under 300 lines of code.
It uses 3132 bytes in the flash for code.
So there is plenty of room in the 8 kb flash for further extensions.
For the LCD i used the routines from
(A big thanks to this side! It is just a paradise for µC users... at least when you can read german)
As soon as i figured out how to post software here i will upload it. ;)

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