Sunday, May 30, 2010

HDD storage tower made out of Meccano like parts

The idea was not new, but a few days ago i had the time and passion to make the dream come true.
There are five PATA hard disks mounted in the construction. The construction is quite stable and looks pretty.
I am sure: Gustave Eiffel would like it.
The reason for this construction was the bad hard disk alignment in this chieftech big tower. For SATA it is ok, but for PATA disks the slots are not very well suited.

Unfortunately the system disk of the server died while i was trying to figure out the correct PATA cable and connector assignment. (I had to reconnect the disk exactly as they were connected before the modification)
The system disk was not mounted in the tower - so it was some kind of natural selection not my own stupidy. ;)
Watch the video for the cool sound the disk makes...

p.s.: i found a guy who made a fan holder out of meccano:


  1. awww! so sad. This makes me sick, hearing stories of bad had drive. I think we should have alternative backups to avoid losing data every time the HD dies. Am glad I started backing up online at It feels good knowing that for sure I will restore my data so easily on any browser than having no hope completely. Safecopy has 3GB free with no expiry date.

  2. OMG - my first comment and it is spam!
    But don not be afraid dear spam bot: i do not delete this, because it is the first... the first comment. ;D