Sunday, May 30, 2010

Processor artwork

Because i had a lot of processors and microcontrollers laying around, i made some "artwork" out of the stuff.
I bought a piece of ESD foam and sticked and glued all the stuff onto it.


  • Harris 80C286, 16 MHz
  • Cyrix 80387 math. co-processor clone, 33 MHz
  • Intel 80386DX, 33 MHz
  • Intel Pentium 1, 166 MHz
  • Cyrix Media GXm, 266 MHz
  • AMD K6-III, 400 MHz
  • AMD K6 2, 500 MHz
  • NEC 8085AHC
  • Siemens 80C537, 16 MHz
  • Atmel Atmega 8, 16 MHz
The two silver pieces in the middle of the foam are hard disk magnets, holding the foam on the magnet board.
An AMD 600 MHz Athlon slot a was to heavy to be glued on the foam. ;)

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