Sunday, May 30, 2010

Temperature sensor disassembled

Some days ago i disassembled an RF temperature sensor used for a weather station.
It sends on 433 MHz.
Every 90 seconds the sensor is sending the actual temperature to the station(s).

Powered by two AAA batteries.
The chassis is sealed.

The electronic circuit is rather small.
There are two PCBs. On for the RF part i guess with a big coil.
The other PCB contains the controller. It is covered by a black glue.
There is a contact on the PCB for the switch in the chassis for choosing the channel, marked with "TX" (by pressing it, the sensor is sending the temperature immediately).
The other contact is not brought out to the chassis. It is for switching between °C and °F.

This it the other side of the PCBs. You can see the red LED, that will blink every time the temperature was measured and send.
The contacts above the LED are looking interesting. Perhaps they were used for programing or testing the circuit?

And of course the sensor worked again after i reassemled it. ;)

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